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Why Indeed

Ever been at work when you have had a call about a job vacancy? Ever been asked to change your CV only to find it's on your computer at home? Maybe you need more than one CV for different job applications?

By moving your CV into the cloud with Snoopple, using Snoopple profiles, you gain the following benefits

  • 1) Access your profiles from any computer
  • 2) Create, edit, copy and share as many profiles as you like
  • 3) Tailor more than one profile for different types of employment
  • 4) Share your profiles with others by providing them with a link and unlock key to view online
  • 5) Ability to export your profiles to PDF for download or printing
  • 6) Step by step help on how to add a profile, for those who have never even had a CV before
  • 7) Provide search facility for recruiters to search active profiles for upcoming jobs they have (coming soon)

So drag yourself into the 21st century, don't have a CV, have a Snoople CV.

Lots More

Some good news guys and girls, Snoopple accounts are now open to all, so you can join today. We are currently in the very early BETA stages and we want to be cautious, but we feel the system is working as aspected and can welcome a bigger influx of users.

Future features will be mainly centred around two areas, improving the CV/profile creation and viewing abilities (mobile version or dedicated iphone/android apps), and a second part to Snoopple to allow recruiters to search profiles through a recruiter account when looking for new candidates.

We Want to Make it Better

With employment figures getting higher and more and more people are out of work, we need to re-invent the way that job hunting works. Snoopple does this by turning job hunting on it's head.

Normally people will spend lots of time hunting for jobs across multiple websites, only to be bombarded with calls to be added to systems by contracting recruiters or find out the jobs never actually existed in the first place. Let’s say we find a job later on, well, the calls still keep coming, this is a huge waste of time for job hunters and recruiters alike. Recruiters want you on their database for new work coming in but you just want a new job fast

By turning job hunting on it's head, we aim to create a free online database of people actively looking for work, this will allow recruiters to search active job hunters by CV, letting the jobs find the job hunters. As profiles can be activated and deactivated, we can instantly show when we are and are not available for new employment. All this means less time hunting for jobs, less time chasing job hunters that have found new position already and overall a more pleasant and quicker process for everyone.

With stage one coming along nicely, with the ability to create and manage online profiles, it's time to open this up and start on stage two, allowing recruiters to search the database for job hunters that have set their profiles to searchable. Watch this space...

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Latest News

New update, bug fixes applied. (12-05-2013)

New update, added new field 'Clean Driving License' to account settings. (25-11-2012)

New update, changed date inputs. Full date for DOB and month year only for history and qualifications. (24-11-2012)

New update, changed history. User can now leave end data blank for choosing an end date of today (e.g. for current employment). (24-11-2012)

New update, change the background color of the site for you and others viewing your profile. (13-11-2012)

New update, allows you to email your CV link details directly to an email address from share profile popup. (11-11-2012)

Experience level indication when printing CV profile repaired. (11-11-2012)

Experience level indication when printing CV profile repaired. (11-11-2012)

Lots of fixes for IE and FF, rendering problems resolved. (10-11-2012)

After several upgrades, the site is now being temporarily opened for new accounts. (10-11-2012)

Site has gone live today, for new users wanting to manage an online profile, this is by invitation only at present. (09-11-2012)